Experienced Jumpers

Whether you want to improve your free fall and canopy skills, execute complex formations, or climb out and zoo dive it. Check out all our info for experienced skydivers here!

Licensed Jumpers

Ready for some shenanigans?  If this is your INITIAL jump with us, please check in at manifest with your rig (must have AAD) and UP-TO-DATE packing card as well as your USPA membership number and credentials (licensing/ratings). We may also ask to see your logbook. 

We jump March-January (no “off” season); only closing down a few weeks in February to perform annual preventative maintenance on equipment, aircraft and facilities.

Unlicensed Jumpers

Finished AFF but haven’t reached your ‘A’ License yet? No problem! We’ve got a team of coaches and instructors ready to get you stamped! Bring your logbook, progression card (if you have one), and your USPA membership number. 


Our privately-owned hangar is designed and built for skydivers equipped with:

        • Restrooms/Showers (remodeled in 2022)
        • Lounge (remodeled in 2022)
        • Spacious, carpeted indoor packing area
        • Large designated landing area
        • On-site packing and rigging services
        • On-site WiFi
        • Large screens for reviewing jump video


We operate two Cessna 182 and one Cessna 206 with at least one aircraft designated for fun jumpers.

At Skydive Airtight, we know that fun jumpers are the heart and spirit of skydiving. We’re committed to cultivating a family-like atmosphere where skydivers are encouraged to build and develop their skills in the sky.


Lift Tickets

Full Altitude  $35

Hop & Pop  $30

Coach Jump  $100

Sport Rig Repack  $10

Rental Gear (rig, helmet, altimeter)  $20/jump

Rigging Services

Square Reserve repack  $75

Additional Rigging Services -call for pricing-

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First Jump Guide

First Jump Guide

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Understanding the Student Skydiver Program

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