Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to Skydive?

You must be 18 years of age or older to Skydive in the State of Oklahoma!

Why choose Skydive Airtight©?

At SDA, we know research is important. Our safety record boasts absolutely ZERO fatalities in all of our 50+ years of business. We’re proud of that! This is the reason people from all over come to jump at our facility! Also, having the best views in the state of Oklahoma doesn’t hurt.

Do you Offer Refunds for Deposits or Bookings?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds. However, we understand that life happens. If for any reason you cannot make your scheduled jump time, please let us know at the earliest possible time. We will do our best to accommodate and reschedule.

    What do I need to bring with me?

    You will need

    • The physical form of your State or Government Issued ID Card!
    • Comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or sneakers (no open-toed shoes or boots please),
    • Your insurance information
    • Your Logbook (if you have one already).

    You can also check out our first jump guide HERE for more info.

    What should I wear?

    You’ll need tennis shoes or sneakers (no boots ore open-toed shoes please).
    Please wear weather appropriate clothing for your jump.
    You have the option to use one of our flight suits if you wish to have some extra layers during the cold seasons.
    Please be aware that the temperature at jumping altitude is sometimes 20-30 degrees COOLER than ground temperature.

    What time should I arrive for my Skydive?

    Your scheduled booking time. Showing up late could result in long delays or rescheduling.

    Can I / Should I eat something before I make my Jump?

    Yes! It’s always good to have something in your stomach before a skydive.

    Can I drink alcohol before I make my jump?

    No! The USPA and FAA prohibit anyone under the influence of drugs or alchol from conducting or participating in a skydive. This is strictly enforced.

    Can I get pictures / videos of my Skydive?

    Yes! If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen right?

    However, you may not wear your own GoPro or other wearable video device as it is a safety hazard.

    Do you accept "Walk-Ins"?

    Walk-ins are welcome on weekends. However, it is always best to call ahead or make a reservation.

    How many people can jump at one time?

    Our Cessna 206 holds six people and our Cessna 182 holds four. Meaning, we can take two-three tandem students up at a time.

    How quickly do we fall to the earth?

    You’ll reach speeds of around 120 mph in freefall.

    What happens if the main parachute doesn't work?

    Our gear is the most modern and safest equipment available in the industry. We keep it impecably maintained. If there is a malfunction, ALL of our gear has a reserve parachute. The reserve parachute is also equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) for additional safety measures. We are always happy to show you how the equipment works before your jump.

    Can I request a specific time for my Skydive?

    Absolutely! The only exception would be sunset jumps. The FAA regulates that all student [including tandem] jumpers must be on the ground before civil sunset. This makes scheduling a sunset jump a logistical challenge to meet the narrow time window required. Any unforeseen time delays could result in postponing the jump.

    However, from late fall to early spring, scheduling later in the day runs a higher chance for those beautiful evening skies

    Can I bring my friends and family?

    Of course! We have tables, chairs, and deck specifically for others to watch jumpers as well as ample parking. We also provide a grill for cooking out. It’s an exciting day! Bring your family and friends!

    How can I become a Licensed Skydiver?

    Our team of USPA-Certified Instructors can guide you through the process of becoming a USPA-licensed skydiver.

    You can find info about our Student Skydiver Program HERE!

    How long does training last?

    Training for Tandems usually only lasts about 20 minutes. Training and Ground School for AFF and IAD jumps will usually last 4-6 hours, depending on multiple factors. Be prepared to spend a large portion of your morning in Ground School if you are participating in an AFF or IAD jump!

    What will I learn during my Training / Ground School?
    Tandem Jumpers will go through a quick course covering safety, body position, and landing procedure as well as what to expect during the jump. This course usually lasts 20-30 minutes.

    Student Skydiver’s First Jump Course covers quite a lot of information during their class. We encourage you to take notes during the class and to be an active participant. Some of the training subjects you will learn about are: Free Fall Procedures, Gear Equipment Training, Emergency Procedure, Landing,  Aircraft Safety and more!


    Does my training at Skydive Airtight© transfer to other Dropzones?

    Yes! You will receive a logbook to document your first jump and training. This logbook will be signed by a USPA Certified AFF or IAD Instructor. Your logbook will allow your next instructor or dropzone personnel to understand your progression and training level.

    Does Skydiving feel like a rollercoaster?

    No! This is one of the most frequently asked questions. You do NOT feel a “stomach drop” or “roller coaster” feeling when leaving the aircraft. Without getting into too much of the physics – the aircraft’s horizontal air speed (100 MPH) is relatively close to the freefall speed (120 MPH). In freefall, that speed is more or less transitioned from horizontal to vertical with a very gradual acceleration.

    How long will my Skydive last?

    Depending on different factors, the freefall can last anywhere from 45-60 seconds and the parachute ride can last around 5-7 minutes. The weather and altitude will have an impact on performance and freefall times.

    Is the Skydiving Harness comfortable to wear?

    It’s very rare to receive comments about discomfort. While safety is our TOP PRIORITY, we also want you to be comfortable. You’re encouraged to let your instructor know of any discomfort while gearing up.

    Am I required to make a tandem jump before I start my training to become a Skydiver?

    Yes! At least one tandem jump must be completed within 90 days prior starting the Student Skydiver program. This allows for a stress-free opportunity to begin getting comfortable with the experience of freefall.

    You can find more info about our Student Skydiver Program here!


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