Skydive Tulsa
Why choose to jump at Skydive Airtight?
At SDA we believe research is important. Our safety record boosting absolutely NO fatalities in all of our 50 years in business is something we are proud of. This is the reason people come from other states to jump at our facility. Plus, having the best view money can buy in the state of Oklahoma does not hurt!
What time should I arrive for my skydive?
Your appointment time is when we expect you to arrive.
Should I eat something before I jump?
Yes! It is always good to have something on your stomach.
Do you offer refunds?
NO, but we try to be most accommodating.
Can anyone make a tandem skydive? Is there an age and any weight restrictions?
You must be at least 18 years old. Weight restrictions vary as well as physical condition.
Can I drink alcohol before I jump?
What should I wear?
Comfy clothing and sneakers/tennis shoes. Flip flops tend to fly off at 120 mph!
Can I get pictures and video?
Yes. If it isn't on social media, it didn't happen, right! You may not wear your own Go Pro as it is a safety hazard.
Do I need a reservation?
We take walk-in jumpers on the weekend ONLY. A reservation is ALWAYS a great idea.
How many people can jump at one time?
Our Cessna 206 holds six people and our Cessna 182 holds four. That means we can take two to three tandem students up at a time.
Can I breathe when jumping?
Does it get cold?
Depending on the season it can sometimes get a little chilly at altitude.
How fast do we fall?
About 120mph
What happens if the main parachute doesn't work?
Our gear is the most modern, safest equipment used in the industry. We keep it very well maintained, because we jump it almost every day. If there is a malfunction, all of our gear has a reserve parachute. There is also an automatic activation device on the reserve parachute. We are always happy to show you how the equipment works before your jump.
How long does it take?
Plan at least two hours out of your day to do a tandem jump. Solo jump courses are an all day experience.
What is the training like?
Our experienced instructors will discuss all aspects of the jump, including aircraft safety, exit, free fall and landing.
When do you jump?
We try to schedule the jumps on good weather days. We want you to have the best experience possible. We do not jump in rainy or windy conditions.
Can my friends watch from the ground?
Yes! There are chairs and a deck where they can watch in comfort. We also provide a grill for cooking out. Bring your family and friends!
How long does the jump last?
Free fall lasts about 45 seconds. The parachute ride is about 5 or 6 minutes of serenity.
Is it customary to tip your instructor?
That is entirely up to you. Of course he did just take you on the coolest thing you have ever done in your life.
Do you accept credit cards?
If I love it (And you will!), can I get certified to be a licensed skydiver in my hometown?
Wherever you live in the world, we can direct you to a drop zone that conducts Accelerated Free Fall Training to get your license.