Experienced Jumpers

Already a Certified Skydiver? Jump with Skydive Airtight!

Welcome to Skydive Airtight! Oklahoma’s largest, nicest, and most scenic dropzone. Built by skydivers, for skydivers! Located 20 miles North of Downtown Tulsa and 1 mile from local restaurants, lodging and Walmart, our facilities are situated on an 86 acre, small-town airport located just 4 miles East of beautiful Skiatook Lake. With light local aircraft operations, our dropzone has been developed from the ground up with your needs in mind. Our air-conditioned classrooms, clean restrooms, showers, free wireless internet, TVs, and friendly staff keep visitors comfortable and entertained year round. We also have plenty of RV parking space for guests who prefer to make the dropzone their headquarters for longer stays. You will be able to take advantage of our very large indoor carpeted packing areas that is taped off to deter students from walking through the area. The benefit of a small-town airport is the immense open landing area surrounded by easy outs and divided landing locations for the more experienced jumpers. 1 – 3 high performance Cessna 182 aircraft gets your load to altitude at our fastest times ever. See our About and Pricing pages for more details or Book Now

We are the ONLY U.S. Parachute Assoc. / FAA Rated tandem dropzone in OK.
Free WiFi,TV's, AC lounge, microwave and refrigerator.
Large carpeted packing area with full service rigging.
Dedicated experienced jumper plane when busy.
Lockers available upon request.