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An Airtight exhibition or demonstration parachute jump is a skydive performed primarily for the enjoyment of spectators–at a sporting event, a mall opening, a convention–a site other than an established dropzone.


A properly staged exhibition jump can be a dramatic form of promotion for any special event or product. These jumps are performed routinely every year for professional sporting events, corporate social occasions, political and charitable fund raising events, high school football games, and at many other public and private affairs.


First inspect the site that you would like us to land and make sure that it meets our requirements of at least 5000 square feet open area, and allow the jumper to fly under canopy no lower than 50 feet above the crowd and land no closer than 15 feet from the crowd line. If you believe that your landing zone is acceptable, call us at 918-396-7855 and let us know about your event and check to see if we have the date and time that you desire available.

FAA, USPA & PRO Ratings

The FAA recognizes the PRO Rating, issued by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), as proof that the jumper is a qualified, professional skydiver, highly proficient and accurate in canopy control.

What To Expect?

We fly directly to your event from the Skiatook Municipal Airport, and our ground crew will generally arrive approximately a half hour prior to the skydive. Upon arrival, they will get together with your point person. When the skydiving aircraft flies overhead, they will establish contact with the demonstration skydiving team.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices for skydiving demonstrations will vary greatly depending on how close the landing area is to where the aircraft is stationed, the type of insurance package you select, the number of skydivers who will be jumping, and the type of jump you request. Discuss cost in advance.

Please Contact Us For Pricing

  • phone number
  • 918-396-7855

  • our address
  • Skydive Airtight
    1651 S Lombard Lane, Skiatook, OK 74070

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Once we have established date availability and tentative price, please send a $200 non-refundable deposit to Skydive Airtight, Inc at PO Box 1209, Skiatook, OK 74070. The deposit goes towards the price of the demonstration skydive.
Upon receiving the deposit, we will make arrangements to inspect the site, make a video of the area, mark its coordinates into our Global Positioning Receiver, and finalize our contract.

Because skydiving is extremely weather related, we must have your phone number at the jump site for the day of the jump. If the weather does not permit the skydive, we will call and notify you as soon as possible on that day. You may reschedule the skydiving exhibition for a mutually acceptable, pre-selected, alternate date.

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